Living on the Hill

My friends live on the hill overlooking the Pacific ocean. The town winds around the bay along the shoreline . The homes are beautiful many with Spanish motif.  It is a peaceful  and quiet town. Every now and then you hear the train go by. Although there are many cars, traffic is minimal, except on the freeway.  They live in the middle of the mountains.  There are many earthquakes.  They endure fires every year.  This year one came close enough that 8000 firemen were in this small community by the sea. Last night a fire broke out on the mountain.  Within a half an hour,  the fire traveled a mile across the mountain.  The new unfinished church was in the path. Pray that the fire is put out.  Yet there are many people living there and wanting to live there. The peace of God is in their home, that passes all understanding.  They have lived all over the country.  Going each time God called. The raised their family of 3, here and there.  They have 5 grandchildren. The sweetest bunch of coconuts, little girls you ever want to meet. God gave them this beautiful home on the California Rivera  overlooking the the bay. And my point is that God blesses and rewards obedience to the word of God. And all you have to do is to turn to God and ask forgiveness. Then your real life will begin.


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