Home from California

I am back home from California. This is the first time I have ever been to California. My parents went on a summer trip to California the year I graduated from high school. But I was to big to go on a family vacation. So, I missed that trip but I wasn’t going to miss this one. God has a plan and a place for all of His children. No matter who you are there is a place for you in the kingdom. And God sees about every one of His children all the time. This trip was about renewal. It was to renew my faith, courage and place in God. I had gotten weary in well doing. It is a tough spot to be in. I needed help. I went with an open mind to receive. I really didn’t know what to expect. But I knew that God was going to be there before and stay with me the whole time. For my friends in California, it was the same. God did such a work in us, we did know what to expect next. His church is on fire. Burning as brightly as the altar of God. The beauty of the countryside was beyond me. I woke up every morning to scenes that were drop dead gorgeous. His home overlooks the bay in Santa Barbara. The Sierra Madre mountains at his front door. The mountains along were beautiful. We say sight I could hardly describe. Sea otters playing in the surf. Elephant seals sunning themselves on the beach. I didn’t want to go to any tourist traps and we didn’t. We eat lunch in a 150 year old stagecoach way station, now a restaurant, in the mountains. More than all of this, God healed me and my friends. I didn’t want to leave, but it was time to bring home what God gave me. More than all the souvenirs, I brought home the love and healing power of God. This gift is not just for me. It is for everyone. It is simple. Just turn toward God and ask for forgiveness. And He will forgive you and bring you into the family. Where you will have a purpose and a home forever.




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