Trust Matrix

How far do you trust anyone? Do you include the people around you? To what level do you trust them? Depending on where you live and work really is the judge of how much you trust someone. Do you see the people around you as trusted friends that you can confide in? More and more I see that the trust matrix is being broken down. When I was young you could leave your doors to your house unlocked. That began to change drastically as the crime rose in our community. It wasn’t certain who you could trust. The murder rate in this country has risen drastically over the last 30 years. Of which I believe it is due to one event in 1973. It was the US Supreme Court decision for Roe vs. Wade. The decision to allow abortions in this country. You see there is no law protecting the sanity of life. If you can kill babies then why not adults also. The government has dug a hole that they can’t get out of. One of the greatest efforts of that decision is lack of trust one person has for the other. So it is black verses white. And Hispanic verses black. The lack of trust is so wide spread that nothing real or substantial is being done in this country. No one trust anyone. The media will tell you a half-truth to make you believe a lie. So how do we get back to trusting each other? Trust is always earned. It is developed over time by people who are consistent in their lives. There are trustworthy individuals out there. You are just going to have to find them on your own. And when you do trust will build your security. Trust and believe in Jesus. Let Him be your security.


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