Pieces of the Past

I keep pieces of the past because of the uncertainty of the future. I have my great grandmother’s dresser. I also have my grandmother’s china hutch. I have my mother’s secretary desk. I kept them because they are a comfort to me and because they are beautiful. It still doesn’t replace them in any way. But reminds me of who they were and the life they led. We restored my mother’s buffet and let our oldest son have it. It is made out of walnut. Our other sons don’t quite appreciate those things yet. But I know that one day it will come to them. It is important that we remember the past because of the future. My great grandparent’s walked across this country after the Civil War to settle in Louisiana. They were cotton growers. Many of my family left their homes in Europe to come to America. Most of them had no money and carried the possessions on their backs. They were farmers, merchants, doctors, lawyers and even privateers (pirates). They built a life for themselves and their families. Many things were handed down from one generation to the next. My mother had a wedding quilt from her grandmother. It was over a 100 years old. My great grandmother’s dresser is 150 years old. I had it restored and one of my sons will get it. So that he can appreciate the effort his family from the past put into providing for his future.  




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