Caught between the rock and hard place

Everyone knows what it means to be caught between the rock and the hard place. It’s not the place  you want to be in. You want a good and comfortable place to be in. David was chosen to be king of Israel when he was a teenager. He had to grow into that position. But before he became king of Israel, king Saul tried to kill him. He was on the run for a year with his family. Joseph, son of Israel was sold into slavery by his brothers. God allows us to be placed into those positions to learn. It is to develop character in our lives. And we learn or it’s one more time around the mountain. It means you learn or just keep struggling with it.  How many times around the mountain are you going to go? When are you going to stop and let God have his way? This what being caught between the rock and the hard place means. And all you have to do is turn to God and ask for forgiveness. 

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