The Presence of God

The presence of God is real and alive today. The bible says, He is an all consuming fire. If you let, God will consume you. it is like the bushing bush with Moses. Moses saw this bush on fire but not consumed. God will surround you like a blanket. When you walk into the presence of God, there isn’t anything else in the universe. And yes you can live in the presence of God and in this world. It was a lesson I learned not to long ago with a squirrel. God showed me, the squirrel lives in His presence always. Going about it’s life as God directed. God showed me the squirrel was praying for me. All creation groaneth for the revelation of the sons of God. Jesus was the example of how we can live in God’s presence. Jesus said, when we do that, we will do greater miracles than He did. His life was pretty miraculous. But we can live like Jesus on this earth. To start, turn to God and ask for forgiveness and then follow God.


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