Nonsense means nothing at all. When I write my blogs, I try to make sense of a particular subject. I put everything I say in order, so it makes sense to anyone reading. I am very careful about my words. I don’t use extra words to describe any subject matter. I am very deliberate about what I say. I have a saying that I have always believed, say what you mean and mean what you say. I am not perfect by any means. But I try my very best to obtain perfection. I get angry and say things I really don’t mean. Then I have to go back and ask for forgiveness. The only thing about that is that those words are out there, and you really can’t take them back. I learn long ago that my words have power and can accomplish things I send them to do. I also learn that my words can destroy just as easily. You wouldn’t want to know me before I met God. My words were hard and destructive. But what happened is that God changed my heart. And with that my words became softer and gentle. People could hear me and understand. Our lives are so complex. It takes God alone to change our hearts. I give God all the glory. And anyone can receive a new heart from God. All you have to do, is to turn to God and ask for forgiveness. Then follow after God.


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