Everyone has preconceived notions. They are learned growing up from your parents, family, friend and circumstances. They can direct or control your life in any direction that they go. Some are good and some are for the trash can. I have found people who wouldn’t give them up come hell or highwater. I recently went to California for the first time in my life. I had preconceived ideas. I worn my US Air Force hat and thought that people would get ugly about that. California being known for extremism. My friends and I even talked about the popular ideas people have about the people there. To my surprise, people in California were polite and friendly. Yes, there are ideas that are common to everyone that I wouldn’t agree with. But on the whole, it was a wonderful trip. People went out of their way to make me feel welcome. You have to understand that I am from the Deep South. It is steeped in conservatism and hospitality. I am not unrealistic that there are parts of California that I wouldn’t be welcomed in. But for the most part, my preconceived ideas went by the wayside. I was able to do that because God had changed my heart so many years ago. And I was able to change my mind. God has given me a heart that seeks the truth, no matter where I find it. And the ability to change my mind, when I see the truth. This is a truth. God is able to lift you up and gives you the ability to stand on His word. And all you have to do is to turn to God and ask for forgiveness. Then to follow after God.


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