The End

We are always looking for something new to do. We strive to find something new or exciting, because what we had before ended. If it isn’t a new book, it is clothes or food. Looking for a good restaurant has become a passion. There are guides in even city. In my home town, restaurants make up more than half the industry and income there. It runs in the billions of dollars. There are restaurants, food trucks, street vendors and catering companies everywhere. This area of Louisiana is known for Cajun food. People come from everywhere just to eat our food. Many food restaurants are seasonal and shut down part of the year, accordingly to the crawfish. But for all the good food, everything comes to an end. Festivals end. Restaurants open and close many times a year. All things in life come to an end. Some we expect and some we don’t know about until it happens. The process of ending and starting again is what I am talking about. When things end sometimes there is no starting again. It is just over. We must deal with the loss and go on. And sometimes it is the end of our life. Then what do you do? Where do we go when our life ends? It is an interesting question that people had to deal with since the beginning of time. There are many far out answers that really don’t make any sense. And there are some good answers that are partially truth. But there is only one way. And people have to find it. And I don’t even have to say it for everyone to know what it is. Isn’t that funny. And this is the End.


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