My Favorite Story

Of all the stories in the world, my favorite stories are about King David of Israel. They are located in the Old Testament of the bible. This man led an adventurous life. There was nothing dull or boring about him. He started out in life as the seventh son of a man named Jesse. As the youngest, he had to do the chores that his older brothers didn’t want to do, tending the sheep. While out in the wilderness, a lion and bear, not at the same time, came to eat the sheep. David killed both of them with a staff, club and sling. Then the prophet of Israel, Samuel, came and anointed him king of Israel. He didn’t become King for another 10-15 years. There was a king, Saul, who God had rejected and would eventually replace with David. It was always amazing to me how David’s life fell into place. It wasn’t an easy life, but a consistent life. David loved the Lord and wrote music to God. There is a song today from the movie Shrek, about King David and his music. The song is called Hallelujah. David discovered a musical progress that is still used today. And this music pleased God. I believe that was the key to David’s life, to please God. Not only is He my God, but also, He is my Father. He birthed me into this world. And I want nothing more than to please my Father. So, this is my story, like King David, I lead an adventurous life with my Father, God. Oh, my the way, my prophet is Jesus.


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