Once in a While by Crain Blanchard.

Once in a while everything works like it is supposed to. If you’re lucky. It’s an expression that I have said many times. Hoping that it would come true in my life. Everyone wants to be lucky, gambling, in love, in work or in any thing that would allow us to win. Some say that there is luck. Others say there is no such thing as luck. The way people gamble with their lives, they believe there is such a thing. There is even a god of luck in the Asian world. Unfortunately for us, there is no such thing as luck. Your destiny is determined by yourself. What you do with your life is what the outcome will be. We can be influenced by our surroundings, but ultimately it is our decision. This is why we are without excuse for our lives, because we make our choice each and every day. There is a popular notion that you can blame your bad choices on other people. Thinking that it relieves you of all responsibilities. And it is only when we come to the end of ourselves, that we can clearly see. When we do, your life is on the line. Making the right choice can be difficult. We need counselors that will actually help. Despite what you hope for, we, as man, don’t have the power to change our lives. We need a power greater than ourselves. There is only one person who has the power to change our lives. People don’t like to hear that name, because it shows them who they are. But you have to see who you are to begin the process of change. There is only one name given that will change your life. That name is Jesus. And if you call upon that name, He will come to you and forgive you of sin. Then your life can be healed. And it isn’t once in a while.



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