Who Am I? by Crain Blanchard

Who am I? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do? Questions that haunt us all of our lives. The search for the answers take us from here to there. Sometimes we find the answers around the corner. Sometimes the answer alludes us for years. Sometimes we just trip over it. No matter what we do to find the answers, they are always in front of our face. It comes down to if we are willing to see the answer that is presented to us. I have seen people fill their lives with ever cause and never find the answer. It is sad when people don’t find the answer. The answer is so simple, but again we have to be willing to see and receive. If you want to see people without a clue, just turn on the evening news. There you will see murders, mayhem, causes and people who are lost in causes. Being able to see who you are brings a responsibility. You become accountable for your brother. When God ask Cain, after he had killed his brother Abel, where is your brother? Cain said, Am I my brother’s keeper? And he answered correctly. We are our brother’s keeper. Cain answered the question who am I and what am I supposed to do in life. Jesus answered the question when He said, there are two great commandments. The first is to love God with all your heart and strength. The second is like the first. You are to love you brother as yourself. Jesus said, in this is all the law and the prophets. The answer had always been right in front of your face. It is up to you to see and believe. Then you will know who you are.





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