A New Day by Crain Blanchard

Every day is a new day, with all the hopes and dreams that bring with it. It surprises me. The renewal that a night’s sleep will bring to me. Even if the night was bad, the rising of the sun brings hope. Why does it work that way? It’s funny how we need sun light in our lives. I have seen where in the northern states, especially in Alaska the land of 6 months of no sun, people receive light therapy. Where they have to sit in front of light to regulate their bodies systems. But the sun brings such hope. Struggles seem to cease with the light. There are always new ones to take their place, but that renewal we need each day to continue on. Life is a journey, from here to there. It takes a lifetime to get there. And everyone makes that journey. Some live to be a 100 years old or more. Some don’t make it passed 3 months. But what counts is the journey. It is how we make our way in this life. We must find out the plan for our lives and live it. If you don’t know by now, we were designed this way. Certain things in life were imprinted on our hearts. So, we could know what to do. We still have a free will to chose what we want. But choosing the right way always takes courage and fortitude on our part. As most people know life isn’t easy. But it is always simple. It is funny, because all we are guaranteed is now. There is no tomorrow. Where we can live and make that journey is now. We can’t live in the future or even in the past. They don’t exist. They are not real. Memories are real, but we can’t live there. If you want to get real, then live up to your full potential now. It is a new day. The sun has risen on most of the world. And there is an opportunity for each of us to live the life God has called us to. God gives the hope to each of us as long as we are alive. So, live up to the hope and calling that God has given. Because all you have is now. It is a new day.




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