Another Day by Crain Blanchard

There was a song, back in the 1980’s, called “it’s just another day in paradise”. The first time I heard I knew that the songwriter not only had a winner, but he was exact right. The song was about people who believed that their lives were perfect and didn’t need to do anything about the misery in the world. It was quite a shift for this singer to sing that particular song. Because the 1980’s were about self-satisfaction. I worked at a Christian radio station. And it wasn’t a Christian song, but I wanted to use it on the air. It had a powerful message that people needed to hear. Back then, as today, everybody had a cause and weren’t interested in hearing about the misery in the world. Even Christians were doing the same thing. The Christians were wanting to be like the world and losing their identity. When people get enough of the world and come to Jesus for help. They changed into the image and likeness of God. Their life is turned around. They are set free from sin and instructed not to go back. Then they see the world again and say I have to power to resist and can go back and forth. The only problem is they get caught again in the same old problem. And Jesus has to set them free again. As a Christian we are called out of this world and set free to serve God. Yes, we have a free will but not to go back to sin. As believers it is another day in paradise, as we go about the work of the kingdom to see about the misery in this world. God picked us up and set us on our feet. He gave us a right mind and His eyes to see clearly. Look around, what do you see? Then prayer and ask God when and where you are to do something. When you do, you will see God move through you and do the work of the kingdom.


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