The Trial of your Faith by Crain Blanchard.

No one wants to go through a trial or testing, especially if we must go through the fire. Sometimes we must go through the valley of death by ourselves. It takes courage and determination. One of my sons, who was in the Army National Guard, served during Hurricane Katrina. They were stationed at the Superdome in New Orleans. It was the first time he saw dead people floating in the rising water. He wished he hadn’t seen such things but went through it anyway. God doesn’t leave or forsake us. He is there with us all the time. But as Christians, we must go through the fire. It is to prove our resolve and the power of God. The life we lead isn’t always easy, but it is always simple. Why would God send us through the fire? Doesn’t He love and care for us? God doesn’t allow any temptation beyond our ability to withstand it. He is proving who we are and what we believe. You know, as well as I do, that the only way to prove what you say is true, is testing and trials. When the pressure comes, we will either stand or run for the hills. There isn’t one Christian who will not be tested. It is part of your life as a believer. As we walk through this journey, we will come through the fire. And on the other end, when we are finished with this life, we will go home to God.


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