The All-Consuming Fire by Crain Blanchard.

The week of 4th of July, I was in California. I went to my friend’s church. What struck me right off, was that the whole church was on fire. What I mean by on fire, is that this church was sold out to God. They weren’t afraid of showing it to anyone. One young man on the worship team was bouncing over the stage as he sang. I saw the fire in him first. Then as I looked around, I saw it in the rest of the church. The fire of God is nothing new. Elijah, on Mount Tabor, called down the fire of God to consume his offering. Moses was drawn to God by the fire that didn’t consume the bush. God is called the all-consuming fire. The children of Israel worshipped God with an offering consumed by fire. Fire is part and parcel of God’s economy. The fire is from off the altar of God. God has a plan for the fire in our life. It is to be consumed by God. There is no other place to go, where you will find someone to love you unconditionally. Who is there in times of need. Who will clean us up and set us on our feet. And then love us until we catch fire. Just like California, the fire of God is spreading across this land and the world. God will always have a people, that will not bow their knee to baal. So, when you catch fire, let God’s will flow through you. Let God influence the people around. Then they will catch on fire and influence the world for God. God is an all-consuming fire.


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