Wanting Super Powers

If only I had super powers, I could change the world for good. If you are waiting for super powers, you will wait forever. It would be nice to change the world back to good. But that is only in comic books or as they say today, graphic novels. So, I will keep on searching for someone who can change my life. How do I know that there is a person who cares enough to help me? I looked around and saw people would help to achieve their agenda. It was never because I needed help. I looked for someone who wanted to help me. In college, I fell in love with a young woman, who loved me because. I saw a glimpse of what it could be. Because I was who I was, I lost her. And began the search again. The anger and frustration grew in me. Until no one wanted to be around me. But I still had that need in my life. Where in the world could I find someone, who cared for me? I kept looking, doing what I could to survive. I’ll will continue tomorrow.

Crain Blanchard.




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