My Journey

My journey was from hell and back. I don’t know if you understand that you have a choice. Everything you do in life is a choice, good or bad. And you are responsible for every choice you make in life. For the longest time, all my choice were the wrong ones. I dug a hole that I couldn’t get out of it. I came to a point where I was throwing dirt on top of myself. I was going to bury myself, if I didn’t get help. Two friends reached out to me through my older brother. They wanted me to join their Amway business. I was interested. We would meet at one man’s business for coffer each morning. The conversation became one-sided. The 2 men would talk about what Jesus had done for them. They weren’t talking to me directly, but God was. It took a lot to convince me of anything. So, for three months, they started our business meeting with what Jesus had done for them. And so, my journey continues.

Crain Blanchard.


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