A Skeptic and Stubborn.

I would like to say I was a good person, when God saved me. I was a stubborn skeptic. I didn’t believe anyone. God took that stubbornness and turned it to good. I was always a strong-willed child. God knew if I would believe, I would dig my heels in to fight evil. And it is true, as I learned the truth, my faith and will became stronger. I learned that I am a child of God. I have dominion over this earth. I would talk to bees and wasps. They listen and obey. I started with headaches, car starting, weather and especially lightning. They all listened to me in the name of Jesus. My faith grew and grew. I faced larger and larger obstacles. I would tell people about what God was doing. I got mixed reviews. People would smile and say that’s nice. But I was excited about what God was doing in my life. The skeptic was becoming a believer. And I only used my stubbornness in the battles against evil. It is amazing. There is more tomorrow.
Crain Blanchard.

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