The Skeptic/The Believer.

I soon began changing. The skeptic was fading into the past. The believer was finding new ways to develop. I would take on larger and larger challenges. God gave me 3 gifts to use in my life with Him. They are faith, word of knowledge and discerning spirits. The gift of faith is to be able to believe and allow God to work on this earth. The gift, word of knowledge, is to have God’s understanding. I would walk up to people and see their lives in a moment. One person walked up to me and shook my hand. I saw his entire life in a flash. I knew what had happened to him. The gift of discerning spirits lets me see into the other side, the spiritual world. I saw God, angels and devils. Angels are our brothers. They love to fellowship with us. Michael, the Arc angel is God’s right-hand man. He is enormous. His sword of fire is larger than me. He is so handsome that he is considered beautiful. I will continue my story tomorrow.
Crain Blanchard.

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