The Believer/the skeptic.

When you ask God for help or gifts, don’t be surprised when it comes upon you. God began opening my heart and mind to the things of the kingdom. It started with small objectives. I began with headaches. Then came larger objectives, like starting cars, bee and wasps and the weather. What God was doing was testing my faith, so it would grow. All this time, I was reading and studying the bible. So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. It is a tool to work in the kingdom of God. It is just like a hammer or saw. If you want to be proficient with it, you have to use it. As you read the word of God, you begin to understand where faith can take you. It will take you from here to heaven. When you do, faith will bring God’s will to earth. Just read the Our Father prayer to see what God’s will do for you and others. And along the way, you will get to know our Father and our older brother, Jesus.
Crain Blanchard.

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