The Backside of a Desert.

I didn’t go to a formal bible college. In my pursuit of God, I wanted to know Him. So, God took me to His own private bible college. I had to become a student. The Apostle Paul went to the same school. Just like Paul, I had to unlearn things that were untrue. God began teaching me the truth of the His word. This also meant that my life or heart was opened to God. He shined His light on me and I saw many ugly things. God asked me for them, one by one. He knew I couldn’t deal with them all at once. It is never more than you are able. I studied the bible from one end to other. It took me a long time to read through because God would stop and teach me. I came to Chronicles of the Kings in the Old Testament. I read a scripture and ask God how it applies to me. The scripture said, and all the act of the king were written down in the books. God’s reply was this, all the acts of king Crain are written down in the books. All of His word applies to each of us for everyday life. Pray and read the bible. Ask God to help you each and every day. And you will be surprise at how much God loves you, as you are.
Crain Blanchard.

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