The Bible School of the Backside of the Desert.

Just like the Apostle Paul, when you go to this bible school, you are the only student. I didn’t have classmates to help me or support me. When God instructed me, I had to walk through by myself. I had to trust God. Sometimes, I was blind and couldn’t see my way through. That is where faith and trust come into play. I wonder why I didn’t see anyone else going through the same thing. God didn’t want me comparing notes with anyone else. He wanted me to rely on His teaching. The bible is the truth. Even though it seems to contradict itself, it doesn’t. So, I had to muster my courage and walk out into the unknown. Sometimes it was in the valley of death. I had to be prepared to fight, God’s way, at any time. I’ll tell you a truth. It scared me sometimes to the point I was shaking. Then God would come through and win the battle. Just a Roman soldier was trained to defend 6 ft. of ground, so am I, unto the death.
Crain Blanchard.

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