Being Sent Out.

As I accumulated knowledge and understanding, God began to send me out. I have always been a very shy person. If someone talked to me, I would reply. But if no spoke to me, I wouldn’t talk. It made for awkward situations. My parents bought a set of cyclopedias. I read most of them. I had a lot of knowledge, but very little social skills. God knew this when He began working with me. I had to become bold to tell people about God. God had several methods to get me moving. A side note, if you ask God for something, understanding, He will place you in the situation to use what you asked for. If you ask for patience, you will be tested to learn how it works. I was going to be sent to strangers to speak what God had told me. I had to muster all my courage to speak out. Guess what, God had already spoken to them. All I was doing, was confirming what God had already said. It still works the same way.
Crain Blanchard.

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