The Student.

Although, I have graduated from the bible school on the backside of the desert, I am still a student. As Jesus graduated from Gamaliel’s yeshiva and became a rabbi, he continued to study and become a rabboni, a master teacher. I have continued my studies and am writing my dissertation, my blog, on Christianity. I am receiving my degree from God. Degrees meaning moving forward with God. As a student, I have to humble myself before God. Then God will speak and show me the truth of the gospel. I don’t use my knowledge as a weapon against people. My knowledge is to give hope in God and defend myself and others against spiritual wickedness in high places. It is funny, as I release myself to God, He comes in and defeats the enemy. People sing a song about King David, he would run through the enemy troops and was never defeated. This was because of God’s promise to him. I have the same promise and the same commitment as David, unto the death.
Crain Blanchard.

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