Sweat of your Brow.

We are the children of Adam and Eve. What happened to them in the garden of Eden, has happened to us. They were casted out of the garden and had to work hard to eat. God cursed the earth, that it wouldn’t yield its fruit unless man tilled the earth. Guess what we are made of? If you said the dust of the earth, you are right. And our body is cursed just like the earth. No physical body can stand before God. God doesn’t allow any sin in His presence. When Jesus took on the sin of the world on the cross, God had to look away. He let Jesus die, then God resurrected Him. Then God made Jesus King of kings and Lord of lords. Man has to plow the fields to make it yield its fruit. It is the same to reach God. We have to work at it, seeking God, reading His word and doing His will. Salvation is for those who finish the race. God said by the sweat of your brow shall you eat and satisfy your search for righteousness.
Crain Blanchard.

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