The Fire of God.

The bible says that God is an all-consuming fire. I have seen this fire. I have seen it fill a church. I have seen it in individuals. I have seen it consume a community. And more importantly, to consume me. The fire is God Himself. To walk into the fire of God is one of the most exhilarating things you will ever do. I have seen people run in terror because of their sins. In fire of God, all things are revealed. God shines the light of His fire on everyone. And God sees everything. But God already knew what was inside of our heart. What He is wanting, is for us to see what is there. When you do see, then to hand it to God freely. Then God will burn it away and cleanse our heart. When you see the fire of God, walk into it. Let God surround you and show you how much He loves us.
Crain Blanchard.

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