The Love of God.

The one thing that drew me to God was His love. God loved me for no reason, other than I existed. I could hardly believe how much God loved me. The amount of preparation that God did to get me to the place where I saw His love, was amazing. He moved heaven and earth to get me to that place. I could never be happier than I am now. Then I began to see how far His love reaches. When He showed me how much He loves the people in hell as much as He loves the people in heaven. With God, there is no distinction in His love. God loves everyone the same. People may have thrown away their lives, but God still reaches out to them to come home. Being a Father, He knows who we are and what we will do. But He still reaches out for us. All that God gives us is the opportunity to let Him reach out to people. Everybody makes their own choices. God doesn’t send anyone to hell. You have to choose it. If you stop and listen, you will hear God calling your name. Wanting you to come home.
Crain Blanchard.

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