Reasonable Service to God

How do we serve God? What is reasonable service? Where do we serve God? We saw that God wrote His laws in our hearts and minds. He did that so we could know not only about Him, but to know God personally. How can we know Him if we were born in the sin of Adam? God wanted to give us the opportunity to come back from that sin. So, if we know that He exists and is there for us, we can have hope that God will help us. Did you know that the #1 selling book in the world is the bible? God wrote down His word, besides putting it into our hearts. He did that to confirm His word. As we read the word, God begins to work in our lives to make it better. It shows us that we aren’t alone. There are many members of the body of Christ. With that knowledge, we understand that we aren’t more important than any other member. So, God is first and foremost. Then we will find our place in God.

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