God’s Gifts.

God has given us gifts according to our faith. God gave each of us the measure of faith to use on this earth. Some of these gifts are prophesy, ministry, teaching, exhortation, ruling and love. So many times, God has given me a love for someone, who was unlovable. And not the human type of love. The one that wont quit for a lifetime. As God says, we are to love one another freely and openly. So, people will see the love of God and have hope. In all of our business, God wants us to be busy and get the work done quickly. Also God wants us to be patient in tribulation. And God wants us to be instant in prayer. We are to bless and not curse. Also to rejoice, to be glad and to be mindful that all people are the children of God. God made everyone that has lived or ever will. Give no person evil for evil. But to do good to people who do evil to you. There is a real reason why God want us to be like God in our life. It is so people will see God and repentof their sins. As God says, it will heap coals of fire upon them. So people will come to the understanding of where they are with God.
Crain Blanchard.

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