A Connection.

It is the thing today to make connections with different people. I’m on several social media sites. I have made connections with many people all over the world. Some are business, some are social, and some are because of God. But the connection is so important. With the world becoming so deceptive, knowing who you are connected to makes a difference. It seems that lying, cheating and stealing are trying to become the standard for living. What a horrible way to live. Not being able to trust anyone. Believing that anyone will destroy you just because. This is why in the first century; the church was underground. Because they were hunted as criminals. If they were found, they were put to death. The church, in the first century, was strong and vibrate. It was because of the persecution. Anyone who is a Christian sees and understands what is coming. And it is the connections that you make among believers that will help you. Trust and believe God will direct you where you need to go. And you will find out what a friend that is closer than a brother truly is.
Crain Blanchard.

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