In the Beginning is Faith.

We always start at the beginning. Sometimes we must keep on going back to the beginning to figure out what we are doing and where we are going. It is true with God and the world. We sometimes refer it as moving mountains. If we don’t remove the mountain, we will go around it one more time, hopefully. I have seen people struck going around the mountain, because they refuse to listen and obey. God gives us everything we need in the kingdom. God gives us the measure of faith. We are to take that faith and use it. Until, we are proficient and effectual. The bible talks about Elijah, a man like us. He prayed that it wouldn’t rain in Israel. It didn’t rain for 3 ½ years. He become so hunted for, that he had to hide out from the people. Then he prayed, and it rained, effectual prayer. God was giving us an example of how to use faith. There are many examples of faith being used in the bible and in the world. So, when you start at the beginning, use your faith. Exercise your faith and become effective in the kingdom of God.
Crain Blanchard.

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