To Testify.

To Testify, has many meanings. There are actually three words in that one word. It means to prove, and, to affirm. Did you know that you have to prove something before you can attest to it? That means you have to go through it, to be tested. You can’t be a witness without your experience. Then you can prove what you say is true. We all know how much we want to go through trials. Its like pulling teeth. We have to sometimes, but who wants the pain. Change is like this. We have to change but who wants to. But each time we do, we can testify about it. What are we trying to prove with our lives? So, we are going to prove that we went through a change and came out on the other side, relatively unscathed. It doesn’t make any difference that we are better off for it. The journey was this big, hard arduous task. We scaled this giant mountain and came out on the other side. Its funny how embellished our stories become. Change is necessary for us to improve on our lives here. God sees to it that we will enter the challenge. How we come out on the other side, is up to us. Then we can testify about our daring exploits.
Crain Blanchard.

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