Nothing is ever great all the time. Nothing is ever bad all the time. It is usually up and down. We all have to go through the bad times to enjoy the good times. It is funny how that works in our lives. No one ever plans for the bad times, but they happen to us anyway. It is because we plan for the good times, that we are prepared for the bad. What is that old saying, success follows the prepared. When King David would hit the bottom of his bad times, he would recount the blessings of the Lord. This would encourage him to go on. God says that when we are tempted, that He will make a way of escape for us. So, we can get through the trial. So, how is your nothing today? Are you rejoicing and laughing at your circumstances? Or have you given up? It seems that our way out is through God, Himself. Turn to God and ask Him for forgiveness. Then follow Him out of the circumstance.
Crain Blanchard.

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