Good Works.

Everybody has their own opinion about what good works are. So, do I. But my opinion doesn’t matter. What matters is what God says about good works. The Apostle Paul talked about having faith. But what he said was if you don’t use your faith in the kingdom of God, it is worthless. What God gives to you is to be used in the kingdom. If we don’t use of faith, it will die within you. Jesus talked about taking care of people’s physical needs, food, clothing and shelter. So, that people will hear the gospel and respond. Then He talked about people at the last judgement, who did all their works. He told many to depart from Him for He never knew them. So, it is not only faith and good works, but having a personal relationship with Jesus. The disciples began to see what God is calling us to. As He saved us from hell and set us on the road to heaven, God wants everyone else to see the transformation. Good works are a natural extension of beginning a Christian.
Crain Blanchard.

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