A Sacrificed Life.

The greatest gift anyone can give another is a sacrifice. You have seen it all of your life. We honor those that sacrifice their lives in combat. We recognize that sacrifice is giving of your life to another. Parents do it all the time. Their lives are sacrificed for their children. There something very real about sacrifice. It is where we come alive inside. Knowing that you have sacrificed brings such joy and contentment to our lives. Of course, sacrifice costs. We have to pay for it with our lives. Sometimes it is to the death. But the moment we sacrifice, we have done something real and meaningful, let alone coming alive. I look back in time and see another who sacrifice for me. He actually saw me and died for me anyway. It is what drew me to Him. I saw the real love and meaningful sacrifice for me. His name is Jesus, my lord. You too can see His sacrifice. All you have to do is to look in His direction and let God open your eyes. He is there for everyone. Because of His sacrifice, I am called to a sacrificed life and am blessed for it.
Crain Blanchard.

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