Our Needs.

I am looking at my cat and seeing her needs. She is an inside cat and has needs because of it. She needs food, exercise and a bathroom. But more than that, she needs my attention. She will go to great lengths to get my attention. She will sit on the back of my big chair with me in it and sleep. If I don’t give her enough attention, she will run back and forth from room to room. It is just like she is crazy, but she is getting her daily exercise. Cats and dogs need to be engaged on a daily basis. They are social animals and need. As for man, we have needs that are as important on a daily basis. We need food, lodging and clothing. But we need attention also. We are social beings. Although, we may not be a sociably acceptable, we still have needs. Our interaction with people is a basic need. As they say, no man is an island. Yet our need can cause great pain. But we still have the need. It is interesting how we were designed. If everything in our lives works correctly, we are an example to the world. But if everything goes wrong, we are an outcast. But there is someone who can correct and mistakes that we make. Even if the mistakes are on an ongoing basis. If you are willing to change, there is hope for us. God will accept us as we are and bring us home. As long as you are willing, God will change our hearts and meet our needs.
Crain Blanchard.

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