One of our Needs.

If you want to get emotional at all, you just have to look at the evening news. The circus on TV is really a bad joke. There is enough trash in this world to divide us over anything. The enemy of our souls, #1 tool against us is to divide and conquer. So, what are you going to do about it? Is it to talk to everyone about your anger or is it to where you know that you can get an answer. If you get angry about anything, you have lost the battle. The real purpose is to frustrate the enemy. How can you do this? This is how I overcame the world. First, I gave my life to God, for Him to clean it up. Then I follow after Him and began to read and study the bible. When I learned a truth, I could stand against the lie. With this my faith became stronger and stronger. And my relationship with God became closer. I am not perfect. I am forgiven. Now, I can see the truth and recognize a lie. This is how God’s plan works in us. There is very little that I don’t recognize as a lie and can do something about it. Everyone has needs, but now I can do something about it. I know that this is one of your needs. it isn’t by sticks and stone we overcome. It is my faith and trust that we can overcome the world.
Crain Blanchard.

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