Mistakes and Regrets.

There is no one that hasn’t made mistakes, some small and some large. It’s the large one that really follow us around. Most people don’t know that small mistakes always lead to the large ones. Then comes the regrets. The fear and guilt that I carried around weighed a ton on my shoulders. That is the killer, fear and guilt. If we don’t deal with the mistakes, it will destroy us. When I came to the Lord, He didn’t expect me to be perfect, but willing. I have made mistakes since I came to the Lord. Some have been enormous. But now my mistakes have eternal consequences. I prayed and God has corrected my mistakes. One took 15 years to correct. But the difference, between being alone and with God, is night and day. God defends me. Because He loves me. And that love has no fear or guilt attached to it. God’s love is like a fortress that surrounds me. I’m not perfect, I’m forgiven. As God says, there is no fear in love, but perfect love cast out fear. Because fear has torment. We love God, because He loved us first.
Crain Blanchard.

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