It strikes a Chord.

A song kept playing in my head. Its a song from the past. It struck a chord with me then and it still does today. It’s interesting how that works. The song talks about who we are what we want. It says that nothing last forever. The song tells the truth. One of the band members plays a dulcimer. It makes the song. The song talks about seeing your own goals and not seeing the bigger picture. Nothing last forever. If you only seek your own pleasure, you will fade into History and be forgotten. There is a whole world in need. If you would stop looking at yourself and turn around. It isn’t any further away from you then in front of your face. Open your eyes to what is around you. It doesn’t make any difference how much money you have. You can open a door for someone, literally and figuratively. It strikes a chord inmy heart. Look and See if it does the same for you. The song is “Everybody wants to rule the world. ”
Crain Blanchard.

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