The Nth Degree

To the The Nth degree. As I started thinking about the blog, I was talking to my wife. We were talking about money. it seems to be a conversation that most people have these days. Because it seems to be in short supply. But God never requires more than what you have. God does require what you have. When Jesus was at the temple watching the people put money into the Treasury, an old woman came in and put two mites or pennies into the Treasury. Jesus turned to his disciples and said that woman has put more into the Treasury then anyone else. The people would giving out of their abundance. This woman would gave all she had. Tribute to whom tribute is due. God requires that we give tribute to whom it is due. They held up the Roman coin in the temple and they asked him do you pay tribute. Jesus said whose inscription is on that and they said Caesar. And Jesus said you give tribute to whom tribute is due, honor to whom to whom honor is due. Then God asked me who do you give tribute to. I said you give tribute to the president, Congressman, governor, people in Authority. Then God asked who else. I said my boss, my wife, my pastor, all the people around me. God said it includes everyone. We give of ourselves all the time. it is tribute to that person. Then God asked me how do you give? To the Nth Degree.

Crain Blanchard.

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