Everything today is built for convenience. We like things to go faster to go easier without even thinking of what we do. We want our lives to be as uncomplicated as possible but to be as easy as possible. So we’ve given our effort over to a convenient machine. I’m using a smartphone to write my blog. I am not  complaining about it it’s just easier. But we are losing our ability to do it ourselves. I have a pen and paper which I can use to write and I do use it. It’s there just to keep myself focused on what’s real and what’s not. Our smartphones will not replace the interaction between people. I use my phone on daily basis I like to take pictures I like to blog I like to write it it’s easy for me to do that but I have a sense that it’s just separating us. There is nothing quite light just pressing the flesh, shaking hands and talking to people. It’s not convenient but it is a way to hone our social skills And to stay in touch with reality.

Crain Blanchard. 

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