Eyes that cannot see.

Did you ever run into a person who couldn’t understand?  You would try to explain something to a person and they just kind of looked at you like  What. Sometimes it’s frustrating to try to explain things to people. Which you always try to get your point . Sometimes to ill effect.  Did you ever try to explain something to someone and they got angry?  When that happens they understand they just don’t like what they hear. But in your heart you want people to understand what you’re saying. It’s called having eyes to see or ears to hear. Jesus went about teaching the Kingdom of God. Many people were excited about what he taught and accepted it and believed. What for the most part the people did not accept. This is when they became angry and wanted to kill him. The only person that can give you understanding of anything is God himself. If you are unwilling and resist God how can God give you the understanding. For if you see and understand then you become accountable to God. Having eyes to see and ears to hear.

Crain Blanchard. 



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