We are made up of 3 parts body, soul and spirit.  Our body is the dust of the Earth. Our soul is the life of God that combines our spirit and our body. Our spirit is who we are. it is our mind, will and intellect. We were given a free will by God. With this free will we can choose whatever we want. When we choose God, What God wants from us is a willing heart. The plan of God is to bring everyone back home to heaven. What God needs from us as children is to help him to bring people home. What that requires is a willing heart. God gives us basically everything that we need to work in the Kingdom. So our part is a willing heart to work in the Kingdom. With that willingness God can use us to work what he needs.  all along the way God provides what we need in our lives. A willing heart can change the world or one person. All it takes is one person with a willing heart.

Crain Blanchard. 



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