The reality of Christianity#9.

As I learned the scripture I saw that I was a servant in the house of God. I was completely satisfied with being a servant.  God love me and cleanse me of sin and set me on the right path. Did I learned I was a son. I became extatic. I am a Son of God and a brother to Jesus. As I learn the word of God I understood and grew.  God gave me dominion over all things in Jesus name.  The power of God flows in your life the closer you are to God. I was angry at the devil. Who had led me around by the nose. I was gonna do something about that. I went on a search and destroy mission. I could use the power of God to literally destroy anything. And I did. I routed devils wherever I found them. They fled before me. Then God stopped me and asked what I was doing. I said casting out devils.  God said no you are still following the devil. He said stop and follow me. You will cast them out when you find them in your way.  A truth I had to learn. The enemy still fleas from before me but I follow my father God.

Crain Blanchard. 

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