The reality of Christianity#10.

Joy, I have joy not happiness.  There is a great difference. I can be happy for a moment but my joy is forever. People search for happiness in everything they can. But it never satisfies them. So they have to take it to the extreme and still happiness never last. It’s a fool’s dream, a fool’s errand. Happiness never last. It’s here just for a moment and gone. But joy comes in the morning. Did you ever watch a child play with a Box?  It’s joy happiness and contentment. The child doesn’t care what happens next. But the child having faith that the next thing will be taken care of. This is what God is trying to teach us. That godliness with contentment is great gain. Jesus told his disciples that unless they became as these little children they wouldn’t enter into the Kingdom of heaven.  Joy and contentment may seem elusive but they are attainable. Joy is one of the realities of Christianity.

Crain Blanchard. 

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