The reality of Christianity#12.

I began reading The Bible because I wanted to know God. That strange and mystical person that everybody referred to but really didn’t know who he was or is. I had to walk in an area that I didn’t see anyone else going. I didn’t even hear preachers on the radio talking about knowing God. He seemed to be elusive even to his own children. I didn’t let that stop me.  The Bible says seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God and all the rest shall be added. The Bible also says seek and ye shall find,  ask and it shall be you shall Receive and knock and it shall be opened. So I sought after God. I ask questions and I knocked at heaven’s door until it opened for me. I wasn’t gonna turn away until I received my heart’s desire. My heart’s desire is to know my Father and Jesus.  I kept reading The Bible. Seeing what was new and exciting. Every time you read the word of God there is always something new. The Holy Ghost is my teacher.  He brings all things to remembrance. I began to see who this elusive person is. And what he looks like. So, I began to see God. Then my eyes were open to see who I am. This is the reality of Christianity. I see through a glass dimly now, but when I am there I will see clearly who God is.

Crain Blanchard. 

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