The reality of Christianity#15.

Let’s Flash forward for a moment. In 2016 we were flooded out.  My home had a foot 1/2 of water in it for a week. We literally lost everything. My wife did not want to move back into the house. So we sold the house and look for a new one. We move to a small town next door.  God told me to go to a particular church. It was less than 50 people. God open my eyes to see what was there. The people were unassuming gentle and kind. But this church is alive and on fire. This church is doing more than larger churches in the whole area.  They support missionaries, have a food bank every month and have multiple out reaches throughout the year.  I’m blessed to be in this church. They are doing what God has called all of us to do to reach out to a hurting and dying world. Nobody will know their names or ever see them with the rich and famous. But their names are written down in God’s book. Jesus knows them by name. I’m blessed to know them and be part of this church. This is the reality of Christianity. 

Crain Blanchard. 

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