The reality of Christianity#16.

Faith, what do you do with it?  The Bible says that faith is the things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. And without faith it is impossible to please God. It also says that faith can move mountains, literally and figuratively.   So how do you get this faith?  Everybody wants the power of God operating in their lives. Let’s start from the beginning. God gives every one of his children the measure of faith. Ever wonder why new christians can do more than older christians?  It is simple they believe God without any doubt. They aren’t afraid to step out on the water and to go to Jesus. I have walked in some very scary places. Only because God called me there. It is The Valley of death. And there wasn’t anyone backing me up. It was just me and God. I would extend my faith and God would do the work. You know the Lord’s prayer?  Our faith is to bring God’s will from heaven to Earth. We have to be in the place of believing and trusting God. He will do the work for us.  This is the reality of Christianity.

Crain Blanchard. 

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