Whether to do good or evil?

Jesus entered into a synagogue to teach. People were waiting to hear this new pharisee. Yes, Jesus was a rabbi. In the eyes of the church leaders, when Jesus questioned the law or more precisely their traditions, he had to be watched. But when they heard Him preach, they understood who He was. Jesus asked the question, was the sabbath made for man or not. Now Jesus was threatening their power and position. Throughout the bible, the religious leaders said that Jesus spoke with authority. And many times, Jesus performed miracles to prove He had the authority. Jesus did signs and wonders to get their attention. Then He preached the gospel and they believed or not. But Jesus did the will of God not only to fulfill prophecy, but to accomplish God’s will on earth. Many people have heard God’s word and know what is required. And many times, they see the consequences. Then you have to make a decision. Will you follow God or not? There will always be consequences, good or bad. But it can’t stop you from doing God’s will.

Crain Blanchard.



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